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Emergency Response – Project Assistance

My DIY Coach has got you covered 24 hours a day!

Plumbing – Drains – Fixtures – Electrical – Roofing – Appliances – Doors and Windows – Irrigation – Landscaping – Cabling – Wall Repair – Wood Repair – Flooring and much more…

And do it now for FREE!*

*0$ Fee Obligation: Due to the current “social distancing” guidelines, we are launching our service with no fee obligation.  Simply click to connect with a coach and provide minimal information. After you receive service, please return and click on the button below to pay whatever you can or what you feel is appropriate for the service you received.  Donations may be made by Credit Card or Paypal.


  • Quickly triage your emergency, preventing further costly damage
  • No physical interaction
  • Frequently less expensive than having someone come to your home
  • Assistance within minutes
  • No after hours fees
  • Specific to your situation
  • Help from pre screened, career trade professionals
  • No strangers in your home
  • Find out exactly what is wrong and how to best fix it
  • Advise on whether to DIY or not to DIY

$0 fee obligation!

Pay what you can or what you feel is appropriate based on the service you receive!

*Based on the extreme situation we are now in, My DIY Coach is launching its service on a limited basis. This limited functionality allows us to bring our service into your home, however many planned features are not available at this time.

Our Coaches have agreed to offer their services without any fee commitment.  Please keep in mind that typical hourly fees received by our Coaches ranges from $35 to $75+.

How It Works:

  • Using a mobile device, Click on the button to chat with a Coach.
  • Agree to the Disclaimer Page.
  • Select an available Coach.
  • Fill in your e-mail, phone number and location and click to proceed to the “waiting room”.
  • Your Coach will join you live within moments.
  • Explain and show your situation to the Coach.
  • You and your Coach will evaluate the problem and discuss action steps.
  • Important: Please have paper and pen available to take notes. Have a flashlight ready if needed.
  • After your coaching session please Donate for the service you received.

Why Use My DIY Coach?

Often having someone come to your home to diagnose and complete a repair is time taking and very expensive (not to mention having a complete stranger in your home). With My DIY Coach you have quick and affordable access to a career trade professional who can guide you to quickly solve your own challenges.

Often the most complex part of a home repair or improvement task is diagnosing the problem. Through live video chat you can show the problem to a Coach and walk through a complete diagnosis process, giving you specific answers and solutions.

After hours service calls can cost up to $250 just to have someone come to your home. With MY DIY Coach, we eliminate these upfront costs, giving you affordable solutions faster than you can get by calling a service company out to your home.